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Gang Gang Dance - Eye Contact

Ultimately, perhaps the most interesting and "difficult» cd of this year.
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Ultimately, perhaps the most interesting and" difficult »cd of this year. That's why Gang Gang Dance definitely try to make the opening to the public while maintaining the complexity and improvisation to a large extent. It is no coincidence the fact that now belong to 4AD.

Let's start from this point and we will remember, especially the vocals of Lizzy Bougatsos, the Cocteau Twins, but also some sad-sentient passes melodies. Lizzy's vocals will remind us of Bjork, Kate Bush, The Knife, MIA (especially in conjunction with Indian percussion passages, reminiscent of the inspirations MIA). Of course all these elements, all with their own unique way, bombed from Top 10 Islands Overall melodic lines of synth, guitars, multi-level deformation, African drums, oriental passages, moments of Bollywood, Chinese pop, under the umbrella of 4AD.

It contains only 7 songs, but long enough, and 3 intermediate quotes of which stands of course the one that says "I live again with you now, just starting my life" (yeah in Greek, probably from an uncle Bougatsos). As far as the songs we will not do justice to say that some stand out because everyone  of them is so unique, yet so integrated whole. If you insist, however much, then MindKilla & Thru and Thru. Also participating in Romance Layers is Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip.

I think the best review is the introduction of 11 minutes Glass Jar:

"I can hear everything, it's everything time"

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