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New album by Garbage

Garbage return with a new album.

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Do you remember Garbage? Yes, the band from 90's, with great commercial success, which gave us songs like ' Only happy when it rains ', ' I think I'm paranoid ',' Cherry Lips ',' Milk  'etc.

The singer of the band Shirley Manson announced a year ago that the band reunited after the dissolution in 2005 and posted on September 26 on the profile of the band on Facebook the following statement:

' OK we're back in the studio today, we have 3 more weeks booked to hopefully finish everything! '

After two days they uploaded a video, which seems a sort of unofficial trailer. In the video are seen -possible-new song titles: ' Euchre ', ' Arm Wrestling 'and' Girl Mask Scooter '.

Through Facebook, they also announced they will release a cover (no more) in early October, which will not be included, in the new album. The new album will consist of 12 songs and the recording will be completed by October 17. The band will release another 12 songs as b-sides or extras, or even as a Christmas gift!

Finally, they announce that they plan a tour (full Garbage tour), their first after 7 years.

The last album
Garbage had released was 'Bleed Like Me' [2005], who ended up at fourth place in the international charts and became gold in Australia. The greatest success, however, was the namesake debut album, which was double platinum in many countries. Overall, Garbage has sold over 17 million albums worldwide.

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