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New album by The Walkabouts and live in Athens and Thessaloniki

The walkabouts are back with new album six years after the release of "Acetylene" and come for appearances in our country.
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The walkabouts are back with new album six years after the release of "Acetylene".

At the time of their absence they haven't ceased to be a band they just wanted their new work to move to a different orbit, have its own concept and own purpose, worthy to work for.

The album is called "Travels in the Dustland" and the idea was born after a trip to the Sahara.
In November 2010 the Walkabouts enter the studio in Seattle to work on the new material and in June they added the last detail to get their album to its final form.

The Travels in the Dustland is in a way a "cycle of songs". Dustland is an ideal place that has all the elements of a real one. All the tracks describe different characters but the main element is the landscape itself.

As Chris Eckman said: "We wanted the songs and music album to be as wide open as the landscapes that inspired us to have a mood of experimentation but also suggest our potential as musicians. It was a difficult and slow process but we are proud of the result. Thank you for listening and the journey you took with us."

The album will be released on cd and double vinyl on October 21.

Finally, as we read on the official site of the band they're scheduled to appear in Thessaloniki in Gaia on January 27 and 28 in Athens in Kittaro.

My Diviner
The Dustlands
Soul Thief
They Are Not Like Us
Thin of the Air
Rainmaker Blues
Every River Will Burn
No Rhyme, No Reason
Wild Sky Revelry
Long Drive in a Slow Machine
Horizon Fade

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