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FM to WEB: Chris Eckman - interview

Walkabouts' Chris Eckman talks with Dimitris Antonopoulos a few days before his show in Greece.
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Dimitris Antonopoulos: First of all, it’s a privilege (as always!) Chris. So, what can we expect here in Greece this time really? You are working on something special for your fans here, I am sure!
Chris Eckman:
I have played all over Europe in the last years alone with my acoustic guitar, but never in Greece. Actually I will be cheating a little bit and I will bring my good friend and collaborator Bernard Kogovsek with me and he will accompany with electric guitar on many of the songs. We have worked together in our rock band The Frictions and also in the touring band fro my last solo album, Last Side of the Mountain. We will play many songs from The Walkabouts, but also from my three solo albums. I will also play some of the songs totally stripped back, totally alone....

D.A.: Are you working for a new solo project maybe?
I start recording a new solo album this Monday. It will be only me and an upright bass player. It will be very simple and stark, my sonic homage to Springsteen's "Nebraska".

D.A.: Any news for the DIRTMUSIC fans..?
The Dirtmusic album is done, and it is called Troubles and it will be released in June. Hugo and I made it as a duo after Chris Brokaw left the band. It was recorded in Bamako, Mali, just like the last one, but with a whole bunch of new collaborators: Ben Zabo and his band, Samba Toure and many others.

D.A.: Speaking of fans, tell me a few words about your Greek fans here Chris! They’re so many, for so many years!
I am humbled by the support they have shown The Walkabouts and my other projects over the years. The Walkabouts visit to Greece last January was for us unforgettable. In Athens I thought the roof of the building was going to come down...the crowd was wild.

D.A.: Can we speak a little about the 'LIVE IN BERLIN' album? Your latest release?
It was recorded during our tour last summer, in one of our favorite cities to play...Berlin. I think it captures the essence of what the Walkabouts are....loud and soft, haunted but also defiant, female and male and so on...I think maybe more almost any record we put out, it gives the whole picture of what we do.

D.A.: I am sure that you do heard the news about the amazing return of David Bowie ('The Next Day') with a really great new record.What do you think Chris?
I am enjoying the album a lot...I think the first single is just gorgeous...and his voice so full of lived-in truth, and lived-in doubt. I hope he keeps making such records for a long time to come.

D.A.: And speaking of the 'Thin White Duke', your fav album? Ziggy..? Mine’s 'Station To Station'!
‘Low’ and ‘Heroes’....I love the idea of the song-dside and the ambient side...both of those albums still astonish me.

D.A.: For the end, here’s my classic question! Let’s say that we can be on a time machine (!) for the next 24 hours. So, where and why would you really wanna be for a whole day?
Hansa studios, Berlin 1977...Bowie/Eno/Visconti are working. I am on the couch doing a crossword puzzle.

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