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Chris Eckman (Walkabouts): Greeks understand us better than anyone else

Dimitris Antonopoulos talked with Chris Eckman for their new album, Carla Torgeson, their concerts in Greece and many other things...
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Six years after "Acetylene", our beloved Walkabouts returned with a new album ("Travels in Dustland" - 21/10). The lovely voices of Chris and Carla and the melodies of Walkabouts create another extremely interesting album.

Dimitris Antonopoulos talked with Chris Eckman for their new album, Carla Torgeson, their concerts in Greece and many other things...

1/First of all Chris,tell me some details about 'Travels In Dustland'..

We wanted to have an album with a central idea, and an album that was well-suited to our strengths as a band.  It took time for me personally to be sure about that theme, and the types of songs such a theme would require. Once the idea was really strongly set in my mind, the songs came together fairly quickly.

Working with the band on recording the songs was also quick. Each of them brought the full range of their talent with them, and shared it freely. It came together quite easily, we had fun. It certainly helped that we knew what we wanted to do before we even went into the studio.
2/Is there a special song for you really..? The 'one'..you know..?

On this album it is especially hard to pull them out of the context of the other songs and say...this one is better...this one is more special...it is a cycle of songs with a flow from beginning to end. I like to see them as part of a whole as opposed to being separate pieces

3/How do you feel working with WALKABOUTS again really Chris?

It has been a pleasure. Even with the six year pause we never stopped being friends. A lot of our strength is in that friendship. It gives a certain power to the music.

4/And what about 'Soul Thieve'..?The story behind this wonderful song..?

It is the first song that I wrote for the album. It is song about how the past chases you wherever you go. Paul's tremolo guitar gives it an obsessive, paranoiac feeling.

5/How do you feel really working with Carla Torgerson in 2011..?After so many years Chris,for another Walkabouts record?

Certainly Carla and I have a long history of working together. We have somehow accomplished a lot together. When we sing together there is a natural feeling, something that feels true. That is hard to find with someone.

6/An Athens gig?Are you workin' on something?

We are working on putting on the best show we can! It is always a joy to play in Greece. And it will be the last show of the tour, so that will also give it an extra push.

7/And what about the Greek fans really? They're really love you,you know...

Well we have a special relationship with Greece, from the first minute we went there as a band, we felt an amazing sense warmth and understanding for our music. It blew us away. And after all these years it is still an amazing privilege to return there and play. I think we can safely say that the Greeks understand us better than anyone else. I think you understand us better than we understand ourselves!

8/Closing the interview..Can you tell 5 of your fav albums of all time?
not in any order...subject to change tomorrow

1. Townes Van Zandt: Our Mother The Mountain
2. Scott Walker: Tilt
3. Gang Of Four: Entertainment
4. Radiohead: In Rainbows
5. Neil Young: Zuma

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