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Mogwai: Glasgow, Roky Erickson, Saganaki & Harcore will never die

Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Barry Burns (keyboards/guitar) of Mogwai...
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This weekend, Mogwai and Kwoon, two great bands of post-rock and rock music in general will "travel" us to their progressive sound trips.

Dimitris Antonopoulos spoke with Barry Burns (keyboards/guitar) of Mogwai for their concerts in Greece, Alan McGee, Scottish music scene, "Harcore will never die", Roky Erickson and many other things.

Dimitris Antonopoulos: First of all, how do you feel really? Are you ready for the Greek audience? You're gonna have a sold-out gig for sure! So, what can we expect from the MOGWAI here?
Mogwai: Yes, we’re ready to come and play in Greece again, it’s been a while but we always have a pretty good time and it’ll be good to eat some Saganaki again.

D. A. :  I was talking the other day to Alan McGee, about CREATION Records and more. He didn't really sound so impressed from the new Scottish scene (if I may say so)... What do you think about the new Scottish scene..? Is there a scene or something really..?
M: Everyone has different tastes in music of course but I would say that I am enjoying quite a few bands from Glasgow, there’s always something to like really. It’s a city that punches above its weight both musically and in the art world too. The “scene” has never really existed because all of the music sounds completely different, just a lot of people creating things.

D. A. :  'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will' was one of my fav records from the last year (happy new year by the way!) with many air plays @ my radioshow (ROCKZONE/CHANNEL ONE)... I think that you've made it again. Fantastic record... Tell me some details about 'Hardcore'? Some stories maybe, behind the record, you know...
M: It’s so long ago that I can hardly remember much about the recording. Other than we ate a lot of Indian Food, Coffee and played stupid golf games on the Xbox. I think someone was murdered very close to the studio when we were recording. That’s Glasgow for you.

D. A. :  'Letters To The Metro': Amazing song, 'typical' MOGWAI... Some details about this one too...
M: I suppose it is typical Mogwai which is why it almost never made it onto the album. We wanted it to sound completely different but I think the song just sounded really nice when it was finished so we left it on there.

D. A. :  Any chance for a NEW album in 2012? Are you working on something?
M: No chance. We need some time off after 127 concerts. It will make you crazy.

D. A. :  What about 'life on the road'? Gigs, from city to city... Is there a special gig really for you? A gig to remember (ok, many I guess...)?
M: Honestly it’s quite hard to remember due to the damaging effects of alcohol. I think the one in Sicily and the Route de Rock in France were two of the best ones.

D. A. :  What have you been listening to lately? New bands, new artists, you know...?
M: Chad Van Gaalen, Antoni Maiovvi, Errors, Belong, The Soft Moon.

D. A. :  I am a big fan of Roky Erickson. He was in Athens for a gig last year. Fantastic guy really. Any memories of working with Roky?
M: Actually, no! We never really had a studio session with him. We just sent him the track and he recorded some vocals in his own studio. We really only met for 20 minutes.

D. A. :  What do you think is the greater threat to creativity really?
M: Laziness. Or governments who have no grasp of how important the arts are to people’s happiness.

D. A. :  5 of your fav albums ever?
M: Oh no really? It changes all the time. There’s only one that I always say is the best and that is Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks.

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