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Interview with Dub Pistols

Dimitri Antonopoulos got an interview from Barry Ashworth
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In response to the upcoming shows of the legendary Londoner dub band in Greece, Dimitri Antonopoulos secured an interview with Barry Ashworth.

D.A.: So, are you ready for Athens? What can we expect here from the DUB PISTOLS really?

B.A.: We are always ready for Athens, it’s one of our favourite cities to play, the people there have always given us a great reception and the crowd knows how to party the dub pistols way. It’s gonna be the first time we have played some of the new songs from our new album so I’m hoping they will rock the crowd the way we want. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be sweaty, it’s gonna be rowdy. Athens lets rock!

D.A.: Any advice for a young musician? Something from the heart, you know...How do you feel really looking back at your early days as a band?
B.A.: Always stay true to yourself, never give up no matter how many rejections you may find along the way and always remember to have a good time and make sure its music your into and not the fame.

D.A.: Are you workin' for a NEW album? We hope so..
B.A.: We have just finished our new album "Return of The Pistoleros" its due out April/ May on Sunday Best recordings, it’s taken nearly 3 years to record and i can't wait to play the new song in our set in Athens.

D.A.: Can you tell me 5 of your favourite records ever? In no particular order.
B.A.: 1: The Specials - The Specials
2: Underworld - Dub no bass with my head
3: The Clash - Combat Rock
4: Primal Scream - Screamadelica
5: Beastie Boys  - License to Ill

D.A.: Here's my classic question. Let's take a trip with a time machine (!) for the next 24 hours. Past or future and why really..?
B.A.: I would like to take a trip back to the summer of love in 88 so I can remember what the fuck I was doing, it was such an amazing life changing time for me but sadly I was so out of my head that I can't remember much of it… (laughs)

D.A.: Is there a hope for the music industry? I am a big fan of the internet era by the way...

B.A.: There is always hope, it’s hard right now but sites such as Spotify etc. have to be more transparent and fair in the way they share the revenue generated from such sites.

D.A.: Can you tell me a good 'inside story' of the Dub Pistols? A vivid memory from a gig, something from a rehearsal, an inside 'joke' maybe? Anything! It’s always interesting... (laughs!) for us you know!
B.A.: The Dub Pistols touring company is called "What the Fuck Could Possibly Go Wrong LTD" because in our experience everything can go wrong - our tour bus driver fell asleep on a motorway and crashed into the central reservation, I have broken my leg on stage 3 times, it just seems like trouble follows us around!
D.A.: Are we going for European Union under Germany's ''wings''? What do you think? Really tough times (economy) for my country here, as I am sure you must know...

B.A.: It’s a tough one but I totally understand the Greeks thinking, the debt repayments are too high and the effect to hard, I blame the greedy banks they have stolen everything from everyone around the world. If Greece leaves the Euro I believe the whole union will collapse, Italy, Portugal and Spain will follow, it will be a mess but I have no answer.

D.A.: I was talking to Keith Levene (ex PIL) about his early days with The Clash (his exclusive article here). So, Clash, Jam, Buzzcocks or maybe Sex Pistols from the punk days? Is there a favourite of yours?
B.A.: The Clash are one of my biggest influences and one of my favourite all time bands.

D.A.: Closing the interview… What really kept you going?
B.A.: Sex/ Drugs and Rock n roll baby gotta love it !

D.A.: See you in Athens soon! Many thanks.

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