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Dub Pistols Interview in MixGrill.gr

Barry Ashworth of Dub Pistols: "I'm deeply ashamed of Brexit"

Barry Ashworth, founding member of Dub Pistols, talks to MixGrill.gr about their upcoming concerts, their new album, BREXIT and their love for Greece.
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Dub Pistols, one of the famous hip hop, swing & ska bands, will soon visit Greece. On Friday May 3rd they will be on the stage of Tres Athens.

Barry Ashworth, founding member of the band, talked to MixGrill.gr about their upcoming concerts, their new album, BREXIT and their love for Greece.

Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols): Ντρέπομαι για το BREXIT

It's been two years since your latest album. Looking back to it, do you see (or listen) any things you would like to change?

I think as an artist you will never be completely happy with your work. You will always feel like maybe I should have changed this or that, but at the time I was completely happy with the way the album came out.

Have you started working on new material? Any chances we get something during the upcoming concerts?

We are just finishing our next album. We have written enough songs to have two albums, so I feel this is our strongest ever album. We have been working with many familiar Dub Pistols family artists such as Seanie T, Ragga Twins, Lindy Layton, Mc Sir Real, but we have also added a new element bringing in Cheshire Cat who has really delivered four amazing tracks. He has worked with many artists including the legendary Leftfield. We have also been working with an artist from New Zealand called Imagine This.

You've been in the music business for more than twenty years now. How can you imagine 'the party' evolving for the Dub Pistols? Are there any unfulfilled ambitions?

The party never stops for the Dub Pistols. We tour for 11 months every year and continue to write new chapters in our story. I think our approach is a lot more professional these days, The shows are much tighter and it's all about being the best we can be. Are we unfulfilled? I don't think so. We have had success all over the world, even though we are not a pop band and we are lucky enough to still be going and getting bigger even after 20+ years.

Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols): Ντρέπομαι για το BREXIT

Do you have in mind any new sound/music genre experimentation for the near future?

Dub Pistols have always been genre defying and cross so many musical styles. It's just the way we are as a band and will always continue to try new ideas, but always in a Dub Pistols style.

What's your daily routine when on tour? Do you have time to catch other artists playing live?

"Daily routine" [laughs] ... wake up and fly or drive to the next show, soundcheck, have dinner then perform. We always check out other artists if we have the time at festivals and we always love meeting and making new friends.

The festival season is starting very soon and you are actively taking part, especially in the UK. What's your view on the evolution of the festivals in your country the past 5-10 years? Do you see any differences between British and European festivals?

The festival season is massive all over the world now and there are so many different ones. I think the way they have evolved is the level of production. It's not just about having two stages. It's about building a whole experience with massive sets and other activities. It's about taking people into another world a magical world. Now the adventure is as important as the bands that play.

This year Dub Pistols are starting our own festival called Mucky Weekender which is taking place in the UK in September. It's something I'm passionate about. When tickets went onsite, over 40% sold in 24 hours without announcing our location or line up, so it is very exciting for us. The line up is really all our friends and artists we have worked with over the years. It's going to be something very special.

Dub Pistols Interview in MixGrill.gr

Do you believe that Brexit will cause problems to Dub Pistols and in British bands in general?

Brexshit is a shambles and something I'm deeply ashamed of. It could cause British bands massive problems travelling around Europe, of course. I think most British people want to abandon the idea now that they realise the implications. It was sold to the people on a lie and the politicians have handled everything so badly as politicians always do. I hope the situation will eventually be reversed.

How does it feel coming so often to Greece? Have you also visited the country for reasons other than touring?

We love playing in Greece. It's always a fantastic atmosphere. It's a beautiful country and we also love the food. Greece is almost our second home. It's also something we will never take for granted. We would like to thank the Greek people for taking us in as family.

What was your experience when playing a remote location like the ‘Secret Sound Festival’ in Skyros island?

Again it's a beautiful island and a fantastic location. How can you not love being in such a place? I hope we will be invited back to play there again one day.

Are you familiar with any of the other Greek festivals?

We have been lucky enough to play many festivals in Greece, including the following:
1) Burger Fest (Athens)
2) Secret Sound Festival (Skyros island)
3) Ireon Music Festival (Samos island)
4) Plissken Festival (Athens 2014)
5) Street Mode Festival (Thessaloniki)
We have always had a great time and it's always been an adventure.

Thank you so much for your time! See you in Athens!

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