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Picks of the hour-0916

Visit the very stylish and easy to use site of My Wet Calvin and listen to all the songs that have been created since 2004 until today (particularly noticed t Alice says "). For 5 years, the band haven't  had a cd (expected next October) and give away  songs only during their concerts ...

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(01) Visit the very stylish and easy to use site of My Wet Calvin and listen to all the songs that have been created since 2004 to today (particularly notice  " Alice says "). Over the past 5 years, the band haven't had a cd (expected next October) and present the songs only during the in concerts (does it remind you of anyone else? And the Arctic Monkeys did the same.). The band is most notable among new Greek bands and I really wish they follow a similar path to the Arctic Monkeys . Although difficult, it is always nice to have dreams ...

(02) Art Brut released on April the 20 their new album " Art Brut Vs Satan ". Just yesterday they uploaded their whole album on their MySpace page. Listen to it here .

Moby has already made the new album" Wait for me ", which will be released in 30 June , a few days after the appearance in our own Rockwave Festival . This is the first album released by his own record company " MobyLittle Idiot ". Get in the official site of Moby and download the 1st single from the cd " Shot in the back of the head " in either mp3 format or video.

(04) Jarvis Cocker released a new album in 18 May entitled "Further Complications", which we must say that is good enough. Jarvis has now one song ( " Angela ) in his  MySpace page , which is not the best of the album. There are several good songs in it.

(05) " Primary Colours " is the name of Horrors' new album, which will be released in 4 May. Horrors  offer the entire album in NME free hearing today. Listen to it here .

(06) Get on Mobile list of Green Day and 15 May - day of their new album - you can win one of 10 separate versions of " 21st Century Breakdown " of Green Day  . You never know ...

(07) Radiohead added even more summer concerts and you can see in the page that they will play at the end of August in Austria , Czech Republic and Poland , apart from the Leeds & Reading Festival . Tickets for the concert in Czech Republic ranging from 40 -- 62 Euros . Air tickets for all three countries are low. Just think about it ...

(08) The new project by Bob Dylan " Together through life " is released in a few days in  28 of April and you can now get a taste of it by listening  " Feel a change comin 'on " by Newsweek here , and " Beyond here lies nothing " in  MySpace page of Dylan . But if you want to refresh your memories  and listen to tracks from all previous records of  the great Bob Dylan , go to official page , choose the " Choose a song or playlist " and by clicking on the cover of the album you want, you hear all the songs. Another sign that music evolves even for people who are in the business  for almost 47 years!

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