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Michael Jackson: This time the crowd will stay silent

It is very difficult in a text to describe the phenomenon Michael Jackson. The emotions I feel many and sometimes conflicting.

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 It is very difficult in a text to describe the phenomenon Michael Jackson. The emotions are many and sometimes conflicting. Love for the King of Pop for all the legacy left to us, hatred for the Creator who once «chose» to get closer to him so early, a person of a great offer. Surely missing such a performer, but could wait a few more decades. What is it for him a few years to eternity ...

I am one  of the generation that grew up with the songs, the dancing, the video clips and the features and the passions of Michael Jackson. I am too one of the many that kept posters hanging on the wall and closets and stickers put on notebooks and files, tried all his moves of dance as many did, some of us out loud as fans and followers and others secretly because they were said to be opponents!

On  August 29th in 1958 a star was born in Indiana United States who very soon would shed light, even from an early age, to world music scene. Initially showed his grace in the group that was created by his brothers but he would show his artistic "teeth" when he would pursue solo career. Virgo in sign of the zodiac with lions in many planets, for the lovers of the sport, from the little I have learned shows artistic nature and dedicated family man, which was more than demonstrated in the passage of his life. He was a musician, dancer, producer, songwriter, but above all, as his daughter said in his farewell, father.

Borrowing a sport's term I would say that he was rounded by a dream team which helped him bring about the best of  all his talents. Collaborated with key people and the results were astonishing. The first followed by another. Summarising hi career I will say that he did not bring the revolution in purely music terms, that  he was not the Bob of reggae, he was not the Elvis of Rock 'n' Roll. But he was brought up in a lower social level and gave momentum to other African-Americans, he put in our lounges  MTV, colored as colored (allow me the comment) and he first gave alternative explanation to the word video clip. Until then, the picture followed the sound. After him sound and picture became one because each video clip was a short film, costly, with important casting, athletes and generally famous people, incredible dancing and new styles such as the morphing which was first used in "Black or white".

I will not get tempted to start listing the songs that were hits. I will not try to find his best song because it is something purely subjective. I will not recall that the numbers fell to his feet to sign contracts. I will not refer to the fans that fainted at every concert, something  that was emphasized in a very sweet way by Beyonce when hearing his loss: « does not matter how many breaths he took in his lifetime  Micheal Jackson but the number of breaths he cut ». I will only refer to one complaint I had when I was smaller. Why not making more records more often. Now, seeing the overall work and by doing a little review I have to say that I am pleased that he didn't because, when he did, he made diamonds .

The clothes were fashion even though there were eccentric for many. The classic hat and the pony tail, the glove in one hand, the strips in fingers, jackets with gold laces, the orange jacket which was first worn in "beat it" and many others. The plastic moves in dancing were incredible expression for a lot of people, where at the same time it was his personal signature. His moonwalk  still seems alien. I remember the joy of success in the face when my cousin managed to make a first step ... however I still have not succeeded!

The King of Pop has remained child until the end. Fanatically devoted to charity and tried through his work to give messages. Ate tonnes of sludge and yet emerged «clean».

For closure let me say that I regret not ever being able to feel his breeze closer in a concert and I envy those who either had the chance or had their first magic piece of paper for what would happen at the O2 arena. When a king dies the crowd cries "long live the new king". This time the crowd will stay silent.

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