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Gimme 10: This is why Michael Jackson was, is and will be important

As it always is, important personalities' death is  followed  by their "sanctification" and there is no exception in the case of Michael Jackson's death (MJ). Already written, and will be many more, hymns for his contributions to music though, when he was alive, dithyrambs were significantly less than libels.

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 As it always is, the death of big personalities is followed by their "sanctification" and there is no exception in the case of Michael Jackson (MJ). Already written, and will be  many more, hymns for his contribution to music though, when he was still in life, dithyrambs were significantly less than libels. But there are many, especially those who were never familiar with his songs, that are wondering what's all this fuss about. For them, Jackson was simply one more famous person, one star created by the media, a perverted pedophile and not the greatest musical phenomenon since Elvis and the Beatles. So for all these but for those who want to learn or remember, this column tries to show how this artist has touched the hearts of millions. Rest in peace, Michael ...

1. The Songs. The body of work is really huge. Starting with the work of the Jackson 5, and continuing with his solo career, there are countless songs that will forever adorn the lists with the best of all time and will be on the lips of people around the world. ABC, Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Billy Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Black Or White, the list is endless. And the trio of albums Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad is now required for each record collection.

2. The Sound. Combining  the dying and at that time annoying disco with elements of r'n'b, funk, soul, jazz, and rock, and wraping it all up with a pop sensibility, resulted to the creation of a unique sound for which he is known, very recognizable, affecting the course of myriads of musicians and music currents.

3. The Voice. The vocal style, the cries, the falsetto and the ... hiccups, and the voice of man-woman, were the greater weapons that made the songs even more irresistible. 

4. The Dance.  Although very shy throughout his life, MJ has been an extremely gifted dancer and entertainer. The famous ... Moonwalk, which was presented for the first time in 1983, grabing the crotch, the robotic movements and dancing of all styles, captor audiences in the twinkling of an eye and turned into his personal fans famous dancers such as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

5. The Style. Gloves, suits, hats, shoes and glasses, what he chose to wear, was immediately fashion spreading worldwide and provided the coordinates of the fashion industry.

6. The Video. With clips from the Thriller he literally gave at MTV its huge career. Great directors like Martin Scorsese, actors such as Marlon Brando and models like Naomi Campbell rushed to assist, helping the transition to a new era for the music video.

7. The Crossover. With the prevalence of MJ, effectively the separation between the options of white and black audiences end. Until the early 1980s there were different tastes and radio stations.  

8. The Partners.  Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Steve Lukather, Eddie Van Halen ... Thus an indispensable number.

9. The Record. The Thriller holds the lead in the list of albums with the most sales worldwide (more than 100 million copies) and he still holds many records such as those of most charities, the most expensive video and most expensive contract .

10. The Cult and The Madness.  The international press called him Wacko Jacko several times, because of the eccentricity and extreme ways to promote his work. This has never prevented his numerous friends to show their affection in ways we haven't experienced globally since the Beatlemania.

* The photos are from www.myspace.com / michaeljackson .

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