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Gimme 10: Crying

In great grief, shedding its tears on the keyboard, Gimme 10 presents songs about crying.
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If it is true that most songs are composed in moments of blue mood, it sounds reasonable for many of them to refer to crying - and that is indeed the case. The selection has been tough but worthwhile. Gimme 10 reminds you of 10 great songs about crying.

1. Had To Cry Today – Blind Faith
(Steve Winwood)
The first, and proven last, album by the supergroup Blind Faith (Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood,  Ric Gretch) opens with this composition by Winwood, dominated by blues riffs and blue mood, as it demonstrates the flawless interaction among the four musicians.

2. Don’t Cry – Guns ‘N’ Roses
(Axl Rose-Izzy Stradlin)
One of the most popular songs by the Guns ‘N’ Roses, Don’t Cry, has been released in three different editions. According to Axl Rose, along with Estranged and November Rain, make a trilogy based on the short story Without You by Del James.

3. Don’t Cry Sister – J.J. Cale
(J.J. Cale)
Lazy guitars, sensual performance and 'shady' female vocals in one of the most recognizable songs by the artist from Oklahoma. From the album 5 in 1979.

4. Now Cry! – Lolek
The debut by Lolek, Alone (2009), included several beautiful and interesting songs, most of which bended to the 'dark' side. One of the best ones is definitely this one, with beautiful instrumentation, varying between undertone and electrical explosion.

5. Cry, Cry – Mazzy Star
(David Roback-Hope Sandoval)
Only few manage to demonstrate melancholy like the Americans Mazzy Star. Especially in the album Among My Swan (1996), which includes this song, they accomplish the perfect combination of economy and intense expression.

6. Can’t Cry These Tears – Garbage
(Shirley Manson-Duke Erikson-Steve Marker-Butch Vig)
A kind of 'retro' composition by Garbage, from their third studio album, Beautiful Garbage (2001). The sound remains towards modernism.

7. You Are The One To Make Me Cry – Crowded House
(Neil Finn)
A few notes from the electric piano, string instruments, discreet percussion and a sensual performance by the composer Neil Finn: that is how easy it is for someone to create a beautiful song. From the album Time On Earth (2007).

8. I’ll Cry Instead – The Beatles
(John Lennon-Paul McCartney)
John Lennon has got the blues in this song from A Hard Day’s Night (1964) but the music, originating from a country & western attitude, almost conceals it. The magic of Beatles concentrated in just 1 minute and 43 seconds.

9. Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Buddy Holly
(Buddy Holly)
The second side of the single Peggy Sue Got Married that was released in 1959. It has been very popular in Merseybeat, and the Beatles covered it in some of their appearances in several BBC shows.

10. Try Not To Cry – Paul McCartney
(Paul McCartney)
We close our review of this sad topic trying not to cry. We are assisted by old-Macca in a song from Run Devil Run (1999). See you again in a week. Be there!

* Photos from vatopaidi.wordpress.com and www.wikipedia.org.

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