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Greek Alternative Day at Petra Theater, Athens-Gr

Several English-speaking bands that stand out the last two years, will present themselves on Friday, September 4 in Petra Theater and will offer a special evening.

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In one way or another, in the Coca Cola Soundwave, or as a support band to large concerts or Festivals, several Greek groups have been heard in several concerts this year and even some of them to big audiance. Several English-speaking bands that stand out the last two years will present themselves on Friday, September 4 in Petra Theater  and will offer a special evening.

Closer, Cyanna, Rosebleed, Transistor, Mary's Flower Superhead, Sunny Side Of The Razor, The Fuzzy Nerds, No Profile to Greek Alternative Day 2009 !

The doors will open early, from 17.00, along with the music that will be chosen by (even during breaks)  Dj Ladydust. At 18.00 the first band will be on stage and the evening will close just before  01:00 .

Line-Up and Hours

Dj Ladydust

For the music at the start of the evening and at breaks it's  ensured  by Dj Ladydust, Marina Tsigonaki  - www .myspace.com/ladystar23 , www.marinatsigonaki.com

18.00 - 18.25 No Profile

No Profile  belonging in the Schoolwave era, and this season's winners of the competition of Nakas Conservatory for 2008! In September they will have completed their first album - www .myspace.com / noprofile

18.35 - 19.05 The Fuzzy Nerds

The band from Ioannina released at the end of 2008 their fifth the album, "Mirror Phase", in production of Clive Martin, in the summer celebrated 15 years as a band after a long time without  live gigs  returns to action in Athens - www.myspace.com / thefuzzynerds

19.20 - 19.50 Sunny Side Of The Razor

Sunny Chatziargyri  became known as singer just last
year. Her first album, titled like the group, was released few weeks ago and most of  it will be heard live on the Greek Alternative Day 2009 - www.myspace.com / sunnysideoftherazor

20.05 - 20.35 Mary's Flower Superhead

Mary's flower Superhead come from Thessaloniki and is active since 2003. Released in 2006 their first self-titled album in October will release new work that they will present to Greek Alternative Day - www.myspace. com / marysflowersuperhead

20.50 - 21.30 Transistor

Words are redundant for our favorite Transistor. The "Epsilon", "Living", "Follow me" heard on the radio and then after 3 times being support  band to James in Thessaloniki they grew their loyal audience even more. The Transistor will play tracks from debut album, "Things You Miss When You Blink" for which Dimitris Papaspyropoulos signs the production, and  they will present anything new, either it is a new version or a new piece -- www.myspace.com / transistorgreece

21.45 - 22.25 Rosebleed
After a good show as support to Carlos Santana, the band from Heliopolis releases in September their first album and comes from the great success of the EP, "Stories" and the single / video "Until Next Time". The Rosebleed are rightly among the "next big things" and I really hope to vindicate those of us who believe in them with their first album - www.myspace.com/rosebleed696

22.40 - 23.20 Cyanna
Their most recent album "Just A Crash" gave them yet another nomination in the category of Greek Act MTV European Music Awards 2008. Songs like "Shine", "Done Be", "Like Fire" and "TV Nation"  were loved by the music audience having a strong public presence in TV and radio. Moreover, the last year with  their live appearances in music halls and festivals, Cyanna stood out for their full energy on stage - www.cyanna.gr www.myspace.com / cyannamercury

23.35 - 00.45 Closer

Oldest band of the evening, after her career began officially in 1991. They were rightly identified as one of the bands that could be done successfully and abroad. With several changes in their composition, remain active for many years, offering us tunes and rock peaks combining the violin with guitar and bass - www.myspace.com / closergreece

Tickets cost 15 euro in presale and 18 at the entrance.

Information: tel.210-5062166, 210 -- 5012402, petrasfestival@petroupoli.gov.gr , info@moremusic.gr

Advance booking: Central Metropolis and Summer Film Foch Petersburg (210-5012391)

Access to the site

By bus: 700 (metro station 'Ag.Antonios'), A11, B11, 719 (from depths Square Metro Station via 'Attic' and Holy Anargyroi Square) - an end outside the theater. Time from Athens: about 30 minutes.

* Vouliagmeni - Avenue - Chamosternas - Holy Highway - Thebes - Petroupoleos.
* National Road to Dove / Ilion - A. Papandreou - East. Rumelia.
* Lenorman - P. Tsaldari - Thebes-Petroupoleos.
* Attiki Odos Avenue exit Republic

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