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Muse: A Masterpiece of "Resistance"

Return of Muse in their career with a masterpiece disk.
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The truth is that the "Black Holes & Revelations" back in  2006 was one of the finest works of the British and expectations for the next studio project were increased. Personally I did not expect the new album to be as good as it turned out in my ears. We have already heard for a few weeks the first 2 singles "Uprising" and "United States of Eurasia" we were overwhelmed. In the 54'20 " of duration of the feast of tunes and the mastery of M. Bellamy and the gang I have to confess that I was stunned. It must be if not the leading, one of the top albums of the year.

Let's take the pieces one by one, from the beginning:

The admission with "Uprising" is, as stated before, powerful, rhythmic and certainly the best start for a Live. It is one of the most strong tracks of the album and will surely stir up the crowds at their concerts. ( ****)

Here's perhaps the most mature time in the career of the band, the track where the harmony between the three members is incredible, the composition intelligent and the music they want to play so full, condensed but never verbose. The introduction (and closing) with keys Matt (before the entrance of the piano) reminds adagio for strings - really creepy. A true masterpiece ! (*****)

"Undisclosed Desires" is melodic dance-Hit, electronic, quite rhythmic but balanced. Excellent performance by Wolstenholme. ( ***)

And then? It's time for the Queen to climb on stage. The Bohemian Rapsody in a new version, modern, with impurities oriental melodies, Western-shaped and especially on the part of Bellamy who performs a stunning interpretation, "United States of Eurasia". I do not understand yet to be honest what's on "collateral damage" (I assume this is the moment the fighter breaks the sound barrier). (*****)

The " Guiding Light " is a composition which lets us with mixed feelings. The verse is pretty and thick, the soft melodies and will certainly light up many lighters in concerts . But is not the best time of the disk. (***)
It is followed by "bomb" the band's new work:  "Unnatural Selection"
. Fires at masterful music, strong interpretations and certainly the favorite piece of Howard. A piece that could be part of "Absolution". ( ****)

"MK Ultra" : Also from the loud songs with ingredible riffs and intensity to overflowing but not to ignore the melodic voices of Bellamy especially bridge and Chorus . (****)

Soon after followed by "
French" and the "I Belong To You (+ Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix)" a wonderful composition-inspiration and interpretation. ( ****)

And so we arrive at height of synthetic skill and musical maturity of Muse. A synthesis of three parts under the heading "Exogenesis" with overtoura , main body and epilogue - redemption. It is something that could have been  created years ago, but now, eventually it was about time and of course are rewarded. Words are unnecessary and can not describe the 14 minutes long masterpiece closing a both fascinating and amazing disk. (*****)

Unfortunately, as it seems at this time, we won't see them in this year's tour  :-( I hope to be able to see them in one of their concerts abroad. Anyone interested just send me a message :-)

(the photos are the official site of the Muse: muse.mu)

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