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COIN - Popstitute

The compositions of the Coin-Popstitute flirt with power pop & are closer to its version on the other side of the Atlantic. What remains to be seen is to become more popular, giving concerts, since there is a long & good stuff!
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The Coin formed in 2001 in Kavala when the five band members met as students at the TEI of the city. After spending the first four years of experimentation, demo various recordings and concerts, recorded in 2005 their debut Head or Tales to Side 2 (Studio 2) and two years later their second work Urban Subculture. In 2008 the band moved to Thessaloniki and began working on their third album Popstitute released last May by Play Our Music in production of Nikodemos T., the same as in Urban  Subculture.

The Popstitute includes 11 songs that run on less angry or dark paths than the first or second album, respectively. The band members say that the album refers to surrealistic, pop stories of everyday madness of a forgotten friend, Jack ! In Low John sings at the beginning like Matthew Caws of Nada Surf in 80 Windows . The Jack n' candy could be the new hit single of Dandy Warhols. Prominent yet the Second! I' the best, Upstairs, Multicolour train and course  Imagination. As their  influences other than Radiohead, Joy Division, Pixies etc. that are referred by the band in their myspace page, I add  Dream Syndicate and Last Drive.

The Coin have worked over the last several years since we have seen three releases in 4 years. The compositions in Popstitute flirt with power pop and are closer to its version on the other side of the Atlantic. The production of Nikodemos T . highlights the work of the band. I have to mention the excellent work of Elias Kalpaki in artwork. What remains to be seen is to make the band more popular and famous by giving concerts, as there is enough material!

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