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Pearl Jam - Backspacer: Sincere as always

Without surprises, Pearl Jam manage to stay up to a level, where they have been almost during all these twenty years.
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The band: Pearl Jam
Album: Backspacer
Released: 20/09/2009
The single: " The Fixer"
Prominent yet: "Force of Nature", "Got some", "Just breath", "Speed of sound"

In a few years they will have 20 years of presence since 1991 and one of the best albums of the 90s (" Ten ") until today. Then I was in puberty and my style of music Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins etc. have drastically affected me being the first music I heard.

So, I have other criteria when I write an opinion (and not a review of course) for the latest of Pearl Jam and completely different when I stand before other musicians, whose I haven't experienced their time of prime. This is the truth.

New Pearl Jam are at least honest. If he was now before us Eddie Vedder, I imagine that he would say: " That's who we are back from 1991, guys. This is our music. Do not expect to make big changes and present you totally new sounds." Of course I do not expect them to be Massive Attack . I just hope that in each album, they can be decent and produce more songs like those of "Ten" and "Vs", which I loved.

I think they largely succeeded in this year's "Backspacer". Strong and explosive at one point, the album, with a good single ("The Fixer"), coming soon possible singles ("Gonna See My Friend", "Got Some"), quiet moments that highlight the distinct tones of Eddie Vedder ("Just Breath", "Speed of Sound") and the crowning moment of the record, which in my opinion is the "Force of Nature".

As far as the history of some of the songs of "Backspacer",  "Force of Nature"  is talking about the power that a man could have in a relationship to withstand the mistakes of the other. "Gonna see my friend" refers to a meeting with a friend to convince him to stay away from drugs and "Just Breath" is something of a love song, which talks about the incredibly joyful moments that pass through our minds when we stop to "take a breath". Finally, in order to write "Johnny Guitar"  Eddie Vedder created a collage of covers from their records in the toilet of the studio.

Without surprise, Pearl Jam managed to remain up to a level, where they have been for almost all these twenty years (with some dips at the beginning of this decade).

1." Gonna See My Friend "- (* * * *)
2." Got Some "- (* * * *,*)
3. "The Fixer" - (* * * *,*)
4." Johnny Guitar "- (* * *,*)
5." Just Breathe "- (* * * *)
6." Amongst the Waves "- (* * * *)
7." Unthought Known "- (* * * *)
8. "Supersonic" - (* * *,*)
9." Speed of Sound "-- (* * * *,*)
10." Force of Nature "- (* * * *,*)
11." The End "- (* * *, *)

8 / 10

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