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Music is my Radar - February '10

February proves to be a landmark for electronic sound, as the most significant releases come from that field, in a wide sense. Of course we refer to the new albums by Hot Chip, Yeasayer and Delphic.
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February proves to be a landmark for electronic sound, as the most significant releases come from that field, in a wide sense. Of course we refer to the new albums by Hot Chip, Yeasayer and Delphic.

The album of the month is the second album by Yeasayer, Odd blood, which was officially released in February 9th, but had leaked in the internet since the beginning of last December and may designate them as the MGMT of 2010. The influences by Talking Heads, Brian Eno and the synth pop of the 80s are obvious, while the performance of Chris Keating is very passionate. Besides their first single Ambling Alp which has been released since last October and O.N.E. to be released in March, I also distinguished the future hits Love me girl and Rome, as well as Madder red and I remember.

One life stand is the longed for fourth album by the Hot Chip and I consider it one of the releases the audience will be discussing in tyhe next months. Dance pop, eurodisco and house rhythms dominate in the most commercial album of the band. Keep Quiet is inspired by Susan Boyle after the band watched her performance in I dreamed a dream. Besides the single One life stand, which to be honest is quite similar to White horse,  and Take it in, I also distinguished Thieves in the night, I feel better and We have love.

The Delphic with their first two singles, This momentary and Counterpoint released in 2009, had created the necessary hype to make us impatient for their debut Acolyte which was released in January 2010. Both their 2010 singles, Doubt and Halcyon are even better. The Delphic, although they surely don't originate, are one of the bands to lead in the British musical scene in the next years. More for Acolyte can be read here.

Stiches by Larry Gus is one of the best electro albums, of the domestic scene for in the last years and deserves all te dreated hype. The creator is Panagiotis Melidis from Veroia, who lives and studies in Barcelona for some time now.  The album was released by cast-a-blast at the end of 2009.

Nobody's daughter was initially programmed to be released as a solo album by Courtney Love, but despite the initial objections of the band's founder  Eric Erlandson, who does not participate in the project, the most famous rock widow after Yoko managed to release the album as Hole, 12 years after the previous Celebrity skin. In Nobody's daughter, Courtney declares her influence by Bowie, the Pink Floyd and the goth of the 80s. It is not reminiscent of old projects by the Hole, except for Loser Dust.

The Tindersticks with Falling down a mountain will neither disappoint, nor excite their fans in our country. I distinguished Harmony around my table, She rode me down, seemingly out of the 60s and Black smoke.

The one who urged the 73-year old Dame Shirley Bassey to return to discography after 20 years, was David Arnold who also produced her album, to which we can find the participations of the following, among others: Manic Street Preachers, Gary Barlow, Pet Shop Boys and Kaiser Chiefs.

About Scratch my back, Peter Gabriel has declared from the beginning that it is a very personal album. It only includes covers with orchestral instruments, with the following standing out: Listening winds by the Talking Heads and My body is a cage by the Arcade Fire.

Sade released her sixth album in 26 years, nine years after her previous one, and I mostly enjoyed the exceptional homonym single Soldier of love.


YEASAYER – Odd blood
HOT CHIP – One life stand
DELPHIC – Acolyte
LARRY GUS – Stiches
TINDERSTICKS – Falling down a mountain
FOOL’S GOLD – Fool’s gold
HOLE – Nobody’s daughter
SHIRLEY BASSEY – The performance
PETER GABRIEL – Scratch my back
SADE – Soldier of love


DELPHIC – Halcyon
HOT CHIP – One life stand
ARCTIC MONKEYS – My propeller
SADE – Soldier of love
SHARON JONES & THE DAP - KINGS – I learned the hard way
WILD BEASTS – We still got the taste dancing; on our tongues
FOOL’S GOLD – Surprise hotel
BAD LIEUTENANT – Twist of fate
YEASAYER – Ambling alp
PETER GABRIEL - The book of love
OCEAN COLOUR SCENE – Magic carpet days

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