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Mobilia :: Four Tet - There Is Love In You

First solo album for Hebden after almost five years and Everything Ecstatic, but do not rush to say the ingenious Londoner is lazy ...

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First solo full album for  Kieran Hebden after almost five years and Everything Ecstatic of 2005. Do not rush, however, to say that the genius Londoner sat,  because from then until now he managed to give us, hold yourselves, four integrated releases of jazz improvisation, the "The Exchange Session, Vol. 1", "The Exchange Session, Vol. 2" from 2006, " Tongues" 2007 and " NYC" in 2008 along with legend drummer of 60's Steve Reid, the "Everything Ecstatic, Vol. 2" in 2006, the now famous " Four Tet Remixes" where he covered from Bloc Party and Radiohead to Bonobo and Madvillain in the same year in 2007 as Fridge the «The Sun», in 2008 the excellent EP «Ringer» (which lasted as long as a normal album!), a split single last year with his old classmate Burial, even a  collection of choices of the «LateNightTales» at the end of 2005 found time to prepare ( Madvillain, Tortoise, Manitoba were some of the preferences) ... ouf!


Hebden had not ever sat on his laurels of the past with the great legacy left by Dialogue, Pause and of course Rounds, the charming acoustic braid, electric and digital instruments are, apart from the hallmark of his personality, the ultimate proof of the magnitude of music as both a pioneer and as an innovative composer. However he is avoiding filing easy mastery and comfortably gives us ten dance songs lively and well-being, unfettered female vocal parts with little in relation to past experimentation. Thus manages to go through the usual introspection that characterizes the public worship of Dionysos, as an almost imperceptible melodies usually nests in dark scenes or appeared somewhat elusive, element of unparalleled charm, here are more apparent, more demonstrative and not necessarily to rouse to dance.


«Plastic People», my favorite song from the album, here the juggling of  Kieran doing fantastic things, see for example how skillfully integrates the seemingly disparate and beat principle to psychedelic set, the first single «Love Cry» a passionate house that builds on a jazz loop , in superb voice loops, dark synths and the characteristic sound of a dial-up modem. The inaugural «Angel Echoes» with maudlin vocals and wooden percussion that create a haunted atmosphere, cool and serene «This Unfolds» with flutes to bring us to mind Boards Of Canada , the heady and dizzy limits of hypnotism «Circling» and last «She Just Likes to Fight», post-rock reminiscent Fridge .


2010 has not started very badly, as the famous "difficult" second album proved true for both mountains Vampire Weekend the spineless, odorless and colorless Contra, more to Yeasayer the inadmissibility Odd Blood. But on the other hand, the fatigue seems to hit the door of the best ever Spoon and Transference gave us only two good songs and almost nothing, while the nice Get Well Soon failed to make a larger-than-first step and remained stagnant, which fortunately came fragrant, spring and outgoing There Is Love In You in mid-winter to spring smell and filled with good humor even the most wayward and moody listener.



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