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The revolution of Εlvis Costello

Elvis Costello canceled his two appearances in Israel to protest on the the country 's policy towards Palestine.

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Elvis Costello announced via his personal website that he canceled his two appearances on Caesarea of Israel on 30 June and July 1.

As he stated, he believes that his presence in Israel might be interpreted as a political act suggesting that he comes to sing, ignoring and not caring about all the innocent people suffering. He added, that among the audience that attended the concert would be many that challenge the country's policy of exterminating  and humiliating the people of Palestine on the pretext of national security. In conclusion, he said he hopes that the conditions in the region change and that it is better for music to remain silent in such situations.

Costello is not the first to cancel appearances in Israel. Before him had protested the same way Gil Scott-Heron and Carlos Santana, in contrast to  Sir Paul McCartney who went on with the show in 2008.
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