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Music is my Radar - November '10 - Aloe Blacc, Les savy Fav, J.Legend & Roots

Autumn months of 2010 did not give us great releases, just like the whole year. But we will have more on the first year of the new decade in a month or so.
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ALOE BLACC - Good things
LES SAVY FAV - Root for ruin
MARIETTA FAFOUTI - Try a little romance
ELVIS COSTELLO - National ransom
KINGS OF LEON - Come around sundown
DEERHUNTER - Halcyon digest
WALKMEN - Lisbon
CARL BARAT - Carl Barat


ALOE BLACC - I need a dollar
JOHN LEGEND & THE ROOTS-Wake up everybody
LES SAVY FAV - Let's get out of here
NO AGE - Glitter
BRIAN FERRY - Shameless
CARL BARAT - Run with the boys
WALKMEN - Angela surf city
HURTS - Stay
RONNIE WOOD - Lucky man

Autumn months of 2010 did not give us great releases, just like the whole year. But we will have more on the first year of the new decade in a month or so, with our lists of the best albums and singles.

Aloe Blacc, after his first works that introduced him to us mostly as a rapper, released his amazing Good things . Voices of the past as Bill Withers, Al Green, Bobby Womack would be proud of this album. Generally, however, the inrumentation of the songs with bass, violins, horns and backing vocals bring to mind soul recordings of past decades.

Les Savy Fav,  with Root for ruin - the title brings to mind Road to ruin by the legendary Ramones -  make another important step after the popular and very good Let's stay friends. Probably the Pixies would sound something like that if they had been making new material instead of just throwing concerts. I hope they become even more popular through this work! I cannot tell what they lack that Kings Of Leon have, who two years after Only by the night and assured success at all levels, give me the impression that they recorded Come around sundown with a view to greater acceptance. It includes several catchy songs, like Radioactive, Mary, The end, The immortals etc.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the cooperation of the Roots with one of the most prominent voices of modern soul, John Legend, to perform a joint tribute to great soul artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gay, Nina Simone etc. More here .

Marietta Fafouti has been writing music for the theater, films, commercials, TV series etc  for about five years, but she has just released  her first album this month. A key feature of the songs by Marietta is that they shape up in images and stories. Listening to the interpretations of her songs from Try a little romance, one will find vocal similarities between Marietta and Bjork, Tori Amos and Kate Bush, but I assure you that the songwriter has a preference to sounds of past decades and a great love for the 60's and 70's.

As we are enter a period full of namedays, which will also be followed by Christmastime, Music is my radar proposes some compilations and special editions of classic releases from previous years which make quite tempting gifts for various tastes:

JOHN LENNON - Power to the people the hits
ELLIOTT SMITH - An introduction to ...
WHO - Live at Leeds (deluxe edition)
JAM - Sounds affects (deluxe edition)
SUEDE - The best of
PAUL WELLER - Find the torch, Burn the planes
MORRISSEY - Bona drug (deluxe edition)

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