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Greeks do it better: Sillyboy-Played

Reading for so long the dithyrambic reviews for this work, I had huge expectations. I came to the conclusion that much hype surrounding a name can do harm.
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For such a long time I was reading the dithyrambic reviews for this work and I had huge expectations. I came to the conclusion that much hype around a name can do harm.

That's because the first time listening to the cd, I could not understand this wave of enthusiasm that had drifted so many people. And I was close to giving up on it too easy. Of course there were for my good luck and its sake good songs that I had already loved, like Time is all mine, who had leaked some time ago and fortunately kept me in the world of Played.

The magical world of Played. A cd that unfolds slowly and reveals its virtues as one listens to it. At first hearing, you might seem to come to somewhat boring songs that are the same, that the arrangement is little. Only that this does not happen eventually. The arrangement is simple, highlighting each melodic line clearly, as the instruments play. The songs are not the same - but not at all the same - they just plunge into the warm production and the interpretation of Sillyboy, who is a great asset of this release. Personally however, I think what makes the difference is the confidence exuded by the music Sillyboy. He seems not to be drifting in complex experiments and gimmicks, nor in facilities. I feel he was quite sure for every note, every lyric, for all that make up the songs and he knew well how to lead it and where it would lead.

I do not think you'll find song-filling in Played. It is a whole series of songs and it is exemplary, although I think that even if you try it otherwise (shuffle), you'll get again the same feeling.
For starters begin with the songs:

1. Played
2. Death Before Disco
3. New York
4 . You

Indie-Disco-Funk-Synth Pop sensation at its best (and some say).

* Do not miss it or you will miss...

The "PLAYED" of Sillyboy is released from The Sound of Everything.

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