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Music is my Radar

Music is my radar 2007

The Arcade Fire released their second album entitled The neon bible in 2007, which was even better than their previous one,  Funeral. Of Montreal the extraordinary Hissing fauna, are you the destroyer and Cold War Kids their Robbers and cowards.

07/09/09 08:00

Music is my radar May 09 (Part Β)

We will deal with the releases in May, starting with two  of our favorite bands. The Last Drive has finished their new album entitled Heavy Liquid, fifteen years after Subliminal . From what I heard and saw in  the concert at the Gagarin, (Athens, Greece) reviews here , I can say I love  it. Detailed  review of the album will follow in a few days.  Sonic Youth with the album Eternal released officially in June 9, reward us for loving them.  Kim, Thurston, Lee Mark and Steve  are in excellent form.

25/05/09 08:00