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Music is my Radar - The best 100 singles of the Zeros

The Seed by the Roots is the single I listened to and enjoyed the most in the ending decade. Take me out is the rock single of the decade by Franz Ferdinand.
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The Seed (2.0) by the Roots is the single I listened to and enjoyed the most in the ending decade, either in private hearings in the car or at home, or in the clubs. It was originally recorded in 2002 by Cody Chesnutt, but the same year the Roots in their album Phrenology, set it off. Probably the War or Sly and the Family Stone, would long to perform it if they still existed…

Take me out in 2004 is the rock single of the decade by Alex Kapranos and Franz Ferdinand who turn out to be the most significant British band of the zeros.

Young Folks by the Swedish Peter Bjorn and John in 2006 gets the title of the best pop single of the decade. It is probably the song that Belle and Sebastian would want to have composed.

Arcade Fire are probably the most influential band of the decade and No cars go, which they recorded in 2007, their best single released so far. Watch here a live performance…  Of course the list below includes more singles by them...

My beloved Blur released in 2000 the track Music Is my Radar, after which this column was named, one of their best compositions.

Orbital had spoiled us since the 90΄s with excellent singles, as The Box, Style etc, and in 2001 they released Funny Break (One is enough), which is one of the best electro singles of the decade.

Knives out by Radiohead comprises No surprises of the 00’s and Kids by MGMT is our favorite for the last two years of the deacade. Little rhymes, in my humble opinion, is the best track by Mercury Rev! Tonight the streets are ours by Richard Hawley is the most optimistic single of the zeros and Comfortably numb is the best cover of the decade, for which Scissor Sisters are said to be cogratulated by Roger Waters.

Blind by Hercules and Love Affair is the ultimate club hit of thye decade with Antony in vocals we were not used to. Second best in the same category is Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Fake by Raining Pleasure is probably the best  single by any Greek english-speaking band and it can stand against indie pop compositions from Britain. Standing next to me by the Last Shadow Puppets is the perfect pop single of the 60’s, Crystal one of the best singles by  New Order and 7 Νation army by the White Stripes the court single of the decade. My personal 100 favorite singles of the Zeros follows:    

1. The Seed (2.0) - ROOTS
2. Take me out - FRANZ FERDINAND
3. Young folks - PETER BJORN AND JOHN
4. No cars go - ARCADE FIRE
5. Music is my radar – BLUR
6. Funny break (One is enough) – ORBITAL
7. Knives out – RADIOHEAD
8. Neighborhood#2 (Laika) - ARCADE FIRE
9. Kids - MGMT
10. Little rhymes – MERCURY REV
11. Out of time – BLUR
12. Tonight the streets are ours - RICHARD HAWLEY
13. Wake up - ARCADE FIRE
15. Comfortably numb - SCISSOR SISTERS
18. Crystal –NEW ORDER
19. 7 nation army – WHITE STRIPES
20. Standing next to me - LAST SHADOW PUPPETS   
21. Can’t stand me now – LIBERTINES
22. I’m waking up to us – BELLE AND SEBASTIAN
23. Crazy in love - BEYONCE
24. Hotel yorba –WHITE STRIPES
25. The lost art of keeping a secret – QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
26. Disillusion - BADLY DRAWN BOY
27. Good fortune – PJ HARVEY
29. Last nite – STROKES
30. Crafty - NEW ORDER
31. Get off - DANDY WARHOLS
32. Alcoholic – STARSAILOR
33. Tomorrow comes today – GORILAZ
34. Dreaming of you - CORAL
35. Hey ya - OUTKAST
36. Silent sigh – BADLY DRAWN BOY
37. Molly's chamber - KINGS OF LEON
39. House of the jealous lovers - RAPTURE
40. Fell good inc. - GORILLAZ
41. Blower’s daughter - DAMIEN RICE
42. Gold lion - YEAH YEAH YEAHS  
44. Hang me up to dry - COLD WAR KIDS
45. Time to pretend - MGMT
46. Black hearted love - PJ HARVEY + JOHN PARISH           
47. The crystal lake – GRANDADDY
48. Rapunzel - NOVAK
49. Rose rouge – SAINT GERMAIN
50. Capricorn – RAINING PLEASURE
51. Catch the sun - DOVES
52. Yellow – COLDPLAY
53. Playground love - AIR
54. Getting away with it – JAMES
55. Since I left you – AVALANCHES
56. Nothing really ends - DEUS
57. Nite and fog – MERCURY REV
58. Everyday I love you less and less - KAISER CHIEFS
59. Somebody told me - KILLERS
60. First of the gang to die - MORRISSEY
61. What else is there ? - ROYKSOPP
62. Mr. Brightside - KILLERS
63. Munich - EDITORS
64. Dare - GORILLAZ
65. Hard to beat - HARD - FI
66. Daft Punk is playing at my house - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
67. Piano fire - SPARKLEHORSE
68. Warning shots - THIEVERY CORPORATION
69. Steady as she goes - RACONTEURS
70. You have killed me - MORRISSEY
71. I don’t feel dancing - SCISSOR SISTERS  
72. Wolf like me - TV ON THE RADIO
73. Over and over - HOT CHIP
74. Relax - MIKA  
75. The rat - WALKMEN  
76. Down boy - YEAH YEAH YEAHS
77. The prayer - BLOCK PARTY  
78. It’s not over yet - KLAXONS
79. Mass destruction - FAITHLESS
80. I will survive – ROBBIE WILLIAMS
81. Summer moved on - A- HA
82. The dark is rising – MERCURY REV
83. Soul vibration – J-WALK
84. Mysteries - BETH GIBBONS
85. Six days – DJ SHADOW
86. Breathe – TELEPOP MUSIC
87. Eple - ROYKSOPP
88. Hands around my throat – DEATH IN VEGAS
89. Obstacle 1 – INTERPOL
90. Lazy – XPRESS 2 feat. DAVID BYRNE
91. The time is now - MOLOCO
92. Do it all over again – SPIRITUALIZED
93. Playgirl - LADYTRON
94. In the walls - STELLASTARR  
96. Come back tomorrow - ΙNSPIRAL CARPETS
97. Say hello to the angels - INTERPOL
99. Irish blood English heart - MORRISSEY
100. Golden gaze – IAN BROWN 


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