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Music is my Radar - Best albums of 2009 pt I (11-40)

Music is my Radar considers 2009 as one of the poorest years of the last decade as far as good releases are concerned. The albums we can actually characterize as "very good" are no more than ten. 
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Music is my Radar considers 2009 as one of the poorest years of the last decade as far as good releases are concerned. I am under the impression that the albums we can actually characterize as "very good" are no more than ten.  

Today we will take a look at the albums that reached numbers 11-40 and tomorrow we will present the top 10 albums of 2009.

Sonic Youth with Eternal returned to the sound of Goo and Dirty while their entire album can be considered as one of their best releases during the zeros, proving once more that they remain in excellent shape.

One of the most unappreciated albums of last year, since the required attention was not given to it, is Love hate and then there’s you by Von Bondies who, after changes in their line up recorded another album with speedy compositions.

In the 18 songs of the double album Embryonic, Wayne Coyne and the rest Flaming Lips wander about psychedelic paths with excellent results in many compositions. In I can be a frog, Watching the planets and Gemini Syringes  Karen O features, while in Worm mountain we come across the participation of MGMT.

Horrors, although they were introduced to us as a garage rock’n’roll band, with looks that reminds us of the Cramps, with the assistance of Geoff  Barrow from Portishead in the production gave us an explosive album,  Primary colours, to be adored by the fans of the dark new wave sound of Sound  and Cure.

The fans of noise enjoyed the second album by  A place to bury strangers, the moisiest band on the planet, entitled Exploding head. According to their own statements, their inspiration derives from Jesus and Mary chain, My bloody Valentine and Big Black, among others.

The surprise of the year was the return to discography of  Madness, who released  the double The liberty of Norton folgate, nine years after Wonderful, with melodies not at all inferior to their own 80’s melodies.

Manic Street Preachers released Journal for Plague Lovers in 2009, σproduced by Steve Albini, which was characterized by the critics as Holy Bible pt II. Every song in this album is based on lyrics by their member Richey James, missing since 1994.

The Kasabian released the best album of their career.This time they approach more psychedeleia, which is obvious in their pose and costumes on the cover photo of West ryder pauper lunatic asylum.

The British Wild Beasts with their special sound and the unique vocals by  Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming got the favoring critics they deserved for their second release Two dancers.

In the first album entitled Alone, by Lolek or Yannis Anagnostatos, romance, melancholy and lyricism predominate, with vocals reminiscent of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, as well as Springsteen and Lanegan.

11. SONIC YOUTH – The eternal
12. HORRORS – Primary colours
13. KASABIAN – West ryder pauper lunatic asylum
14. WILD BEASTS – Two dancers
15. MADNESS – The liberty of Norton folgate
16. MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Journal for plague lovers
17. VON BONDIES – Love hate and then there’s you
18. LOLEK – Alone
19. A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS – Exploding head
20. FLAMING LIPS - Embryonic
21. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Working on a dream
22. PJ HARVEY + JOHN PARISH – A woman a man walked by
23. YEAH YEAH YEAHS – It’s blitz
24. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Merriweather post pavillion
25. DRUMS – Post punk idol rock (EP)
26. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Fall be kind (EP)
27. THE XX – XX
28. OST – The twilight saga new moon
29. CAMERA OBSCURA – My maudlin career
31. ST. VINCENT - Actor
32. JULIAN PLENTI – Julian Plenti is … skyscraper
33. MONSTERS OF FOLK – Monsters of Folk
34. ANTLERS – Hospice
35. MACCABEES – Wall of arms
37. WILCO – Wilco (The album)
38. DANGER MOUSE AND SPARKLEHORSE – Dark night of the soul
39. BRAKES – Touchdown
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