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Music is my Radar - September '10 (Wolf Parade, Best Coast,Klaxons)

The beginning of fall rained many new releases. Quantity does not always go with quality, still we listened to several good albums, which we serve in Music is my Radar.
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The beginning of fall rained many new releases. Quantity does not always go with quality, still we listened to several good albums, which we serve in the September issue of Music is my Radar.

The third album by the Wolf Parade has been released by Sub pop and is entitled Expo 86. The Wolf Parade are comprised of Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, who participate in several other groups and have released the second best album for 2010. For the best, take a look here.  In the 11 songs of Expo 86 we enjoy the speedy guitars, along with certain melodic flirtations. Listen to Cloud shadow on the mountain, What did my lover say, Pobody’s nerfect, Two men in new tuxedos and Yulia. 

The Best coast come from California and their singer,  Bethany Cosentino, could have a bright acting career, judging by their video clips, like When I'm with you. The band is an improved surf pop edition of the Dum Dum Girls while they are reminiscent of Ramones with girl group vocals! To be able to help me describe their music, listen to Crazy for you  and pay special attention to Boyfriend, Crazy for you, Goodbye, Summer mood, Bratty B and the single When I’m with you. 

Since 2008 the Klaxons have been preparing their new album which was released just last month. A kind of justification for this delay is that the band was in dispute with the company and the result is not exactly what they wanted. The production of Surfing the void was completed by Ross Robinson who has worked with the Korn and Slipknot. In general, the second  album by the Klaxons has less psychedelic-pop elements than their debut, Myths of the near future, and more metal guitars, as in Cypherspeed. It has its moments, like Echoes, The same space, Valley of the calm trees, Venusia, Twin flames and Future memories.

The truth is that the new album by the Interpol had been noisily introduced, as two tracks had been initially released  - Lights and Barricade - while it had also leaked in the internet long before its official release, even if it had a poor sound quality. Paul Banks in vocals is in great shape and besides the two previous songs I enjoyed Success, Memory serves, Always malaise (The man I am) and Safe without.   
The Tame Impala from Australia, Perth would really like to have lived in the psychedelic 60’s, spending day and night listening to the discography of Who, Love, Pink Floyd and rolling in the Strawberry fields of the Beatles. Τheir strange name comes from an antelope eaten by lions. Watch out for Desire be desire go, Alter ego, Lucidity and Jeremy’s storm.

Nicky Wire by the Manic street preachers had declared last year that in their next album they would sound like the Van Halen playing the Supremes. In A billion balconies facing the sun we have the participation of Duff Mc Kagan from Guns’n’ Roses, John Cale and in Some kind of nothingness, Ian Mc Culloch in vocals. I mostly enjoyed the first single (It’s not war) Just the end of love, The descent (pages 1 & 2), Hazelton avenue and Golden platitudes. The cover is ornamented by a black and white photo of the great Tim Roth.

The Blonde Redhead reached to the release of their eighth studio album entitled Penny sparkle and I think their fans will not be disappointed. The vocals by Karu Makino are reminiscent of Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins and the absolute alternative chick of the 90’s, Toni Halliday from the Curve.

The first days of September, I also listened without enthusiasm to the second  album by the School of seven bells, which is darker than their first one, Alpinisms, and False priest by the Of Montreal in which they reminded me of the Scissor sisters.

Those of you who were not there in last year's amazing live show by Leonard Cohen in Terra Vibe, should definitely listen to Songs from the road in which you can find some of the most beautiful moments of his last tour.


BEST COAST – Crazy for you
INTERPOL – Interpol
KLAXONS – Surfing the void
MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Postcards from a young man
TAME IMPALA - Innerspeaker
BLONDE REDHEAD – Penny sparkle
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Disconnect from desire
OF MONTREAL – False priest
LEONARD COHEN – Songs from the road


MANIC STREET PREACHERS – I’m leaving you for solitude
CHARLATANS – Love is ending
KLAXONS – Echoes
BEST COAST – When I’m with you
GRINDERMAN – Heathen child
INTERPOL – Barricade
UNKLE – Set no sun
TRICKY – Murder weapon
ROBERT PLANT – Angel dance
TAME IMPALA – Solitude is bliss
OF MONTREAL – Coquet coquette

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