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I climbed up a tree to enjoy the view, but I fell asleep. I got home late, but at least I had found the topic for today's post.
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I climbed up a tree to enjoy the view, but I fell asleep. I got home late, but at least I had found the topic for today's post.

1. The Trees – Pulp
(Jarvis Cocker-Nick Banks-Candida Doyle-Steve Mackay-Mark Webber)
A song from the seventh lp by the Pulp, We Love Life (2001), which, along with Sunrise comprised a double single. Using samples from Tell Her You Love Her by Stanley Myers and Hal Sharper and with Scott Walker as a producer behind keys and effects, the band reaches a glorious result.

2. Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
(Thom Yorke-Jonny Greenwood-Ed O’Brien-Colin Greenwood-Phil Selway)
It was their second album, The Bends (1995), that proved the Oxfords Radiohead capable of great things. Fake Plastic Trees was the third single from that album and is a melancholic ballad, opening with an acoustic guitar to gradually compose a solid sound.

3. Weeping Tree – Perry Blake
(Perry Blake)
A selection from the debut album by the Irish songwriter that was released in 1998 entitled his name. Imposing and dark atmosphere, on the path of Leonard Cohen, Scott Walker and Nick Drake.

4. English Trees – Crowded House
(Neil Finn)
The songs by Crowded House have always been a really worth-noticing mainstream choice, with their rich melodies and their beatles influence always apparent, but taken in. This song is a marvellous mid-tempo from lp Time On Earth του 2007.

5. Lemon Tree – Fool’s Garden
(Peter Freudenthaler-Volker Hinkel)
Now we head towards Germany. The Fool’s Garden is a British-like band, quite popular in our country due to this specific song. From the album Dish Of The Day in 1995.

6. One Tree Hill – U2
(Bono-The Edge-Adam Clayton-Larry Mullen, Jr.)
A song from back when the four Irish were more artists than showmen - after a certain point things were turned upside down. It was written to honor the memory of Greg Carroll, Bono's friend and personal assistant, who was killed in 1986 in a car accident. The whole album The Joshua Tree (1987) is dedicated to him.

7. Treefingers – Radiohead
(Thom Yorke-Jonny Greenwood-Ed O’Brien-Colin Greenwood-Phil Selway)
The "left" turn they took with Kid A (2000) didn't cost commercially to Radiohead; on the contrary it brought them even greater artistic and commercial appreciation. This is an instrumental track from that album, which mostly counts on an atmosphere, rather that a solid composing basis.

8. Weeping Willow – The Verve
(Richard Ashcroft)
When Urban Hymns (1997) was released, a part pf the media nominated The Verve as "the new Rolling Stones". Listening to songs like this, one cannot but admit that such journalist cliches rather underestimated them...

9. Thorn Tree In The Garden – Derek And The Dominos
(Bobby Whitlock)
The band Derek And The Dominos, actually a vehicle for  Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Jim Gordon, Carl Radle and Duane Allman as a guest, released just one album, the masterpiece Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (1970). Its last song was this acoustic little diamond, written for some roommate of Whitlock's who killed his dog.

10. Little Willow – Paul McCartney
(Paul McCartney)
McCartney wrote this beautiful song for Maureen Starkey, ex-wife of Ringo Starr, who died in 1994, aged 48, of leukemia. It was included in the album Flaming Pie in 1997, in a cover along with Jeff Lynne.

* Photos from http://free-extras.com/images/tree-569.htm and www.wikipedia.org.
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