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Mobilia :: Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion

Ninth album for Animal Collective (eighth studio, if I am not terribly mistaken) and already the praise following it even before release, is impressive. Continuing from  exactly where last year's personal work ended with one of the best albums of 2008, " Person Pitch " the vocalist of the band Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear ) is going one step further his cool tunes, drawing inspiration from the crass sound background.

Here the guitars, including the holder Deakin Josh Dibb, are deafeningly absent , the live drums are declining as the first and catalytical role is played by complex synthesizers, the harmony Beach Boys vocals, African tribal choruses and hymns.
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In Merriweather Post Pavilion , the three animals seem more together and sharp than ever, having reconciled their individual impulses, bypassing all indie / post - rock signs accompanying them all these years and managing to merge all previous appearances and styles they have offered us, creating a modern pop psychedelic masterpiece, uniquely irresistable and impeccable construction. The album delivers a deluge of indelible  sounds and crushing emotions, using as a vehicle the strong and the contagious energy, the completeness of the ideas, the overlapping vocal harmonies, the multi-structure configurations.

The transition from the sometimes-obscurely profound attitude to-misleadingly-naïve optimism, the inexhaustible experimental trends in seemingly conventional (or maybe not?) pop of Merriweather Post Pavilion , is so impressive, the style of the group seems to be reviewed radically-or is it simply the natural evolution of people who waver in their thirties ; - it will be obvious in the future.

Indicatively i am mentioning the dancing and playful start " In The Flowers " which flooded the the senses tribal flowy pace, the piercing melancholy of "Bluish" , the paralyzing, sweet illusion of "Summertime Clothes" , the capricious folk of "Lion In A Coma", the transcental "Brother Sport ", the captivatingly innocent " My Girls ", the rhythmic subtlety of "Daily Routine" , «just a good» track is not even a sample.

The sudden embrace of these New York musicians with the -even naive, almost childish-optimism / melody , I would say that it shows that it can produce impressive,  important work and can indeed be achieved by endlessly expressive ways.



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